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Flappy Bird Clone For SpriteKit: An Examination of Concepts

  • Oscar Villavicencio
  • iOS and Mac Design SpriteKit Swift for Beginners

This is an article walking through a Flappy Bird Clone intending to highlight SpriteKit features and built-in physics engine. I will highlight the features and functions of this particular application as well as future directions the app will take, and how we might begin to think about those problems. Lastly, I will provide an introduction to core game development concepts and how they're implemented in this project. This project has been updated to reflect Swift 3 syntax.

A better way to start iOS projects

  • Clayton Unicorn
  • Swift for Beginners

Xcode is generally pretty great. All the templates are minimal, and you get a hello world application out of the box. However, when it comes to teaching iOS, we often find ourselves needlessly repeating things like "delete the default view controller" and guiding users through the steps of organizing and rearranging their app code. Generally, we really like to follow the same conventions that have been battle proven in the web realm.

Interview with Jameson Quave

  • Clayton Unicorn
  • Cesar Devers
  • 37 minutes
  • Tips Swift for Beginners

Jameson Quave, from http://www.jamesonquave.com, was one of the first out of the gate with great Swift tutorials. He is also an experienced iOS dev who has been building apps since the iPhone SDK first came out! In this episode, among many other things, we talk about similarities between iPad hype and Watch hype, why you should strive for being in the top 1000 of the iTunes store, and how to handle app store rejection.