10 published resources on SpriteKit

SpriteKit is incredibly simple to use and yet so powerful. With physics, keyframes, scenes and animation methods baked into the framework, you can build a game with nothing but this SDK.

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Flappy Bird Clone For SpriteKit: An Examination of Concepts

  • Oscar Villavicencio
  • iOS and Mac Design SpriteKit Swift for Beginners

This is an article walking through a Flappy Bird Clone intending to highlight SpriteKit features and built-in physics engine. I will highlight the features and functions of this particular application as well as future directions the app will take, and how we might begin to think about those problems. Lastly, I will provide an introduction to core game development concepts and how they're implemented in this project. This project has been updated to reflect Swift 3 syntax.

Animation Design (Part 1/3)

  • Cesar Devers
  • 35 minutes
  • iOS and Mac Design SpriteKit

When following resources for learning Game Development in Swift, many articles, tutorials, and books fail to cover the aspect of creating artwork. While it's convenient to leave artwork creation to a true illustrator or designer there are many situations where you may need to produce or modify artwork yourself. In this post, we will look at the basics of creating artwork using various tools and techniques. We will also identify some of the best practices and tips of game design.

Animation Design (Part 2/3)

  • Cesar Devers
  • 20 minutes
  • iOS and Mac Design SpriteKit

In part one of this series (that was going to be two parts, but is now three), we learned about quickly prototyping animations using illustrator and photoshop. Our focus was on creating an animation in photoshop using keyframes and basic shapes to create a smooth animation. We ended with having our zombie bunny jump forward in a cool photoshop animation. In this part, we are going to actually export our assets and see our animation in a simple Swift game.