Join our Swift Slack Community

We love people almost as much as we love Swift. That is why we created a Slack community to create a real-time feedback loop that allows us all to share and help each other. We currently have over 630 members and have collectively shared and solved thousands of problems together!

Request a Slack Invite

If you are not familiar with Slack, it is an application which connects users across multiple devices to a more modern version of IRC-esque communication.

The fastest way to join us on Slack is to use the form below, which will create an account on Unicorn.TV. You can then request invititations on your account page to the topics you enjoy most.

A few notes:

Slack communities are invite only. We are trying to make our community as public and accessible as possible while also providing great resources to our members. With that said, your information is privately available to other members of the slack community. You will also be subscribed to our newsletter if you create an account.