Swift GM, iPhone 6, Apple Watch

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In a special, longer edition of the Swift podcast we tackle the tough questions: does anyone need an Apple watch? Is the iPhone 6 plus a me-too? Should you mug Adam?

We don’t go into technical discussions this time because we were just too excited to talk about the new hardware and what it means for developers.

A really important part of this podcast is the start of an open call for app ideas. If you have an app you want build, there is a chance we will build it for you for free! If you’re willing to let us do a tutorial series on how to build your app and you share some of the revenue with us (for paid apps only), there is a good chance we could partner up. Hit us up on Twitter or send an email to [email protected] and pitch us your app idea!

Next week we’ll be talking to our co-founder Clay about the book he’s written on how to build games in Swift. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime buy his book and help us keep the lights on here at Swiftcast: Learning Swift: Building an iOS Game