Swift and Xcode Features

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We recently rebranded SwiftCast.TV and we are now Unicorn.TV on the web. With the change comes an expansion to teach more languages and frameworks for web and mobile. Read more about the change on Unicorn.TV.

Flourish Tutorial Part 5: Viewing Stored Entries

Flourish is a journal app that we are releasing in the app store. During our journey, we have been documenting the process so that you can read along and build a real-world application. In this latest screencast, you will learn how to query and display data saved in iCloud.

join, reduce and flatMap

SketchyTech built a nice little playground and blog post detailing the similarities and differences between various methods commonly used in functional Swift. If you are not already intimately familiar with these functions, you really should read up on them.

Parse Backend with Swift

iOS Developers has launched a blog and with it, their first tutorial which teaches you how to use Parse as a backend to your mobile applications. Parse also releases some pretty killer tutorials as well, if you want to get your knowledge straight from the source.

Code Coverade in Xcode

Code coverage is something that frankly not a lot of development ecosystems support very well. Xcode has you covered (pun intended) with their latest tooling hat audits your application code and tests and gives you a nice visual report and breakdown of where you are lacking.

Swift Scripting

It is probably only a matter of time before Swift become a very commonly used language for scripting and maybe even in web. In this talk, Ayaka Nonaka explains how she is already using Swift for scripting tasks at Venmo.