RSS, ComponentKit, Yosemite Design and GEEKtyper

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Tutorial: Core Data and RSS on iOS

We’re not the only ones making great screencasts. Brian Advent has put together a great series of videos on youtube teaching some real world app-making skills. Check out his video on making an RSS feed reader in iOS leveraging Core Data for storage.

Library: ComponentKit

React Native has a lot of great concepts baked in: one way data flow and async being our favorites. ComponentKit is a great framework, inspired by React, bringing many of the React concepts to your existing iOS projects.

Design: Yosemite Design Tips

Mastering a simplistic design is much more difficult than a complex one. Git Tower released an excellent article which dissects many design elements in Yosemite, which will help you make your apps feel more native and modern.

Just for fun, check out GEEKtyper. This website almost makes fake hacking look real. We have managed to trick a few people with the code/typing aspects until the silly graphic elements popup like they do in movies.


Latest Podcast: Apple Updates

We had a busy couple weeks and missed out on making our regular podcasts. Apple, however, hasn’t missed a beat. Adam, Cesar and Clay talk about impressions of the Apple Watch, ResearchKit, and recent experiences publishing apps to the store.

Latest Article: Swift 1.2 Upgrade Tips

Swift 1.2 changed a lot of syntax and many Cocoa APIs were also updated. This article will help highlight the obvious changes as well as some of the not-so-obvious ones that have tripped up more than a few people.

Latest Screencast: Flourish Entry Form Logic

Part two of our Flourish journal app tutorial series. In this tutorial, Cesar walks us through the views for the entry form and then attaches the model and controller logic that takes the entry data and saves it to iCloud.