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Our picks of the week, Feb 16th.

Our favorite Swift content, curated by Swiftcast.tv

Adam’s Pick: GPU-Accelerated Machine Vision

I’ve always been interested in Machine Vision. With our mobile device cameras we are capable of so much more than just taking pictures. We can scan barcodes, credit cards, and even recognize faces. This article gives us an overview of Sobel Edge Detection, Canny Edge Detection, Harris Corner Detection, and Hough Transform Line Detection methods and shows us that we are all capable of learning and making use of these tools even though they may seem difficult.

Clay’s Picks: TextFieldEffects, FlatUIKit, & Syntax Proposal

Clay is unable to pick one thing this week, so here are a few:

Starting with TextFieldEffects. Tired of old and boring seeming text fields? Well, you can spice them up with this library written in Swift. TextFieldEffects library draws it’s inspiration from this article.

After you have made your text fields seem so much cooler, how about making the app look beautiful? With FlatUIKit from Grouper you can take your components and give them the flat style that we have been seeing every where on the web! No more reasons to have an ugly app.

Lastly, what if instead of having to unwrap an optional variable to a shadowed name, we just define the shadow name and it automagically does it for us. So instead of if let magicName = magicName, we would just type if let magicName. Also suggested is a short-hand for multiple optional unwrapping.

Cesar’s Pick: Designing for Wearables to Enhance Real-life

Smart watches can provide an amazing experience, but it cannot be the same experience as something such as a smart phone. How does one go about making a smart watch an enjoyable, non-annoying, and life enhancing experience? This article discusses the short-comings of some first designs and what has been learned.

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SwiftCast Podcast: Interview with Jocelyn Harrington

Jocelyn and Clay talk about their experience with writing their book: Learning Swift: Building an iOS Game and the joy and challenges as authors of a rapidly changing language. Jocelyn shares what it’s like working on iOS games at Disney.

SwiftCast Tutorial: Creating Custom Animated Buttons

In this tutorial, written by Rafael Machado, you will learn how to create a custom animated UIButton. By the end you should have a broad understanding of creating custom animations and the design and development thought processes required to create custom animations out of vector images.

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