Origami, SoundKit, Swift Scripting

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Origami 2.0

Clearly communicating interactions, animations, and transitions is very difficult to do with static mockups. Origami solves these problems by allowing anyone to build a prototype on the front-end like you would with Interface Builder in Xcode, but with more features like live previews, meta attributes to control flow, and lots of UI goodies!

UI Sounds for mobile

Sounds can really enhance an application if used correctly. The problem is, where do you go to get those sounds? One such place is from UI Sound Kit which for a very affordable price gives you a nice variety of quality sounds for your application.

Scripting in Swift

This talk from last weekend’s Swift Summit in London caught my eye because it tackles a problem I’ve always asked: why are we writing apps in Swift but using Ruby for our handy scripts (Cocoapods is a great example). This slide deck does a great job of explaining the pros and cons of scripting in Swift, going through a few examples of workflow scripts in Swift, and even introduces you to Carthage: a dependency-management library written in Swift.

Check out the latest version of Learning Swift: Building an iOS application which has been updated to the latest stable versions of Xcode and Swift.


Flourish: Build a Complete Journal App

We are very excited to unveil a big project we’ve undertaken over the last month. We’ve heard your feedback and we know you’re sick of one-off tutorials and limited examples of production code in todo apps and “hello worlds.” To fix that we decided create end to end tutorials teaching you how to build real apps with great features. First up is Flourish, an encrypted mood journal that syncs with iCloud. The first part of the tutorial is on the site with new chapters each week. Full source code available now.