Tests, Killer Rabbit, Flourish UI, and Security

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Our picks of the week, Mar 3rd.

Our favorite Swift content, curated by Swiftcast.tv

Adam’s Pick: XCTest: The Good Parts

I did not plan on keeping on the topic of testing, but then Brian Gesiak @modocache, author of one of my favorite libraries Quick, released this wonderful article. Brian shows us the few good parts of XCTest such as the tools available and the extensibility, but then explains what he thinks could be improved such as decoupling XCTest and Xcode, which I think is a great idea. Thanks for all your hard work Brian!

Clay’s Picks: Custom Switch Matchers

Making your code concise and easy to read is a huge win for Swift and is also a good reason for minimal abstraction. Therefore, I love the approach that “jemmons” takes in this article, showing us the elegance and power of matching on tuples, with the where clause, and operator overloading to make code cleaner.

Cesar’s Pick: Killer Rabbit GCD Framework

Grand Central Dispatch is an essential framework for any developer. However, it can be hard to understand how to use it well and it doesn’t take advantage of Swift’s language features just yet. KillerRabbit is a GCD framework that “Provides useful Swift language constructs to oft-used Grand Central Dispatch patterns.” The github page provides good examples based on common use cases and the project has been well-maintained so far.

We would like to say thanks to Appetize.io and recommend that you check out their website. They offer an iOS and Android emulator that streams to the browser. The emulator is fast, stunning, and incredibly easy to work with! We will be using them extensively for showcasing our own applications and demos.

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Latest Podcast: Security in Swift- Interview with CC4CS

Is your mobile application secure? What types of safe guards, audits, or tests have you implemented to ensure the integrity and security of your data? We learn about mobile security from the CC4CS team and discuss simple steps that any developer can follow.

Latest Article: Flourish UI for Custom Modals, Buttons, and More

We absolutely love beautiful interfaces! As an organization named Unicorn, we are obligated to be unique and majestic. That is why we have made this highly configurable, out-of-the-box-pretty, User Interface library/kit thingy. It has a minimal set of UI components now, but already packs quite a punch with the UIColor extension, animated Material-inspired buttons, and modal views.

Flourish UI Demo

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