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Our picks of the week, Mar 10th.

Our favorite Swift content, curated by

Adam’s Pick: The Swift Ninja Quick Reference Guide

Sometimes we need to look things up quick. You’d rather not pick up a book, look through the index, and then turn to the page corresponding with information you are seeking. Instead why not be able to just look at reference sheet and bam! Granted there is a lot missing still from this guide, but it’s a good start.

Clay’s Picks: Learn the Basics of Design

This ebook combines two things we love here at Swiftcast: design resources and free stuff! You don’t have to be a professional designer to make a good-looking, easy-to-use app. Learn some design basics with this ebook to complement your coding skills.

Cesar’s Pick: Animated App Previews of Watch Apps

We at Swiftcast are as excited as anyone about Apple Watch and all of the apps that are going to come out for it. This site offers animated previews of upcoming Watch apps for you to admire, envy, or add to your list of apps to download when the watch comes out. H/T to George Yang from our Slack group for bringing my attention to it.

We would like to say thanks to and recommend that you check out their website. They offer an iOS and Android emulator that streams to the browser. The emulator is fast, stunning, and incredibly easy to work with! We will be using them extensively for showcasing our own applications and demos.

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Latest Podcast: Interview with Jameson Quave

Cesar and Clay talk with Jameson Quave about a slew of things Swift and iOS related. Highlights include talking about similarities between iPad hype and Watch hype, why you should strive for being in the top 1000 of the iTunes store, and how to handle app store rejection.

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