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Our picks of the week, Feb 16th.

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Adam’s Pick: How to Create Mocks and Stubs in Swift

Unfortunately the current state of Swift still does not allow for us to have a proper mocking library. Luckily people have come up with some creative solutions. Andrew show’s us how he makes use of nested classes to mock. Hopefully this approach wont have to be used forever, but for now it’s a great solution!

Clay’s Picks: Types as Units

I’ve loved Swift since the moment I laid eyes on it. Type casting is liberally conservative which makes it universally enjoyable whether you’re coming from an entirely liberal language like ruby or a very strict language like haskell. Alexandros does a great job exploring types in this article and helps makes a correlation between types and units.

Cesar’s Pick: Solving the binding problem with Swift

For all of Swift’s wonderful features, it can still be a pain to deal with dynamic data. Sure, assigning values to variables and constants is great when those values are static, but it can quickly become a pain when the underlying data is changing andyou need to keep your views up to date. This article presents a well thought out, type-safe implementation in Swift.

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