Moving Mountains, Core Data, Auto Layout, HealthKit

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Opinion: Moving Mountains

Allen Pike writes a very great opinion piece on Apple as a benevolent force of nature. It directly counters some of the more negative points made against the company in recent weeks, and in our opinion, is a more accurate perspective of how the community is impacted by Apple and what our relationship should look like.

Objective-C: A modern look at Core Data

We know, this is a newsletter about Swift, not Objective-C. There’s one thing you have hopefully learned by now: to be a versatile Swift developer you still need to master Objective-C. Marcus Zarra shares his Core Data stack in this article and debunks the common rhetoric that Core Data is not thread safe.

Xcode: Dynamic Cell Height with Auto Layout

If you have ever worked with custom table view cells and auto layout, you have probably encountered bugs where the heights get wonky on table refresh or in various stages of the view lifecycle. Often times the right answer is the easiest one, and Barrett proves that in this quick tutorial. Oh and if you want a great tutorial on using auto layout, check out this one by Joe Conway.

We have recently updated the SwiftCast.TV website with a monthly subscription model allowing you to access premium content with unlimited access. We will be giving away an Apple Watch to one lucky subscriber at the end April!


Latest Article: Step Counter in HealthKit

HealthKit is a beast of an SDK and the documentation and available tutorials are few and far between. In this article we are set out to do just a few basic things with HealthKit: authorize and request the steps for the last 24 hours.