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Design: Icons vs Text

While icons can be extremely powerful design elements both for in terms of expression and simplicity, they sometimes take away from usability. Thomas Byttebier does a great job examining icons in past and present contexts. A must read for app developers.

Swift Programming: AnyObject Type Safety

Colin Eberhardt analyzes AnyObject in Swift to show us some possibly unexpected behavior, especially for those new to iOS or not coming from Objective-C.

Xcode: IBInspectable vs IBDesignable

It is really easy to overlook new features of Xcode when you are focused on all the rapid changes in the Swift community. New language features, libraries, and projects are popping up daily. Pause development for a few minutes, and check out Nate Cook’s post on Xcode’s properties for visually managing custom attributes.

Check out the latest version of Learning Swift: Building an iOS application which has been updated to the latest stable versions of Xcode and Swift.


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