Flourish, Udemy and Tooling

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We recently rebranded SwiftCast.TV and we are now Unicorn.TV on the web. With the change comes an expansion to teach more languages and frameworks for web and mobile. You will still receive Swift-only content per your previous subscription, and we are working on a settings page on the website to opt in/out of our various newsletters. Read more about the change on Unicorn.TV.

Flourish Tutorial Part 4: Saving An Entry

Flourish is a journal app that we are releasing in the app store. During our journey, we have been documenting the process so that you can read along and build a real-world application that is more than just a simplified tutorial or prototype. In this tutorial you learn how to save form data to iCloud.

Swiftly learn Swift with Udemy

We are big fans of Udemy. They create some great original content, and their authors tend to stay relevant and update content more frequently than most tutorial sites. Check out their latest work: top ways to speed up swift learning.

The Right Tool for the Job

In the early days of iOS development you were limited to building and debugging with the default apps that Apple shipped. Today, there are dozens of third party applications that help solve niche problems and speed up development time. This post identifies some of our favorite tools.