Core Image, Memory Management, Flourish Part 3

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Tutorial: Core Image and Video

Daniel Eggert and Chris Eidhof co-authored an amazing tutorial on working with Core Image and Video. There is also another awesome tutorial by Arthur Knopper you may want to check out as more of an introduction to core image.

Thoughts: Memory Management

In many cases, it is easy to stay on one side of the language fence without giving much consideration to the other, but not when it comes to managed memory. As always, Nate Cook of NSHipster gives us a great thought piece on the subject.

Library: SCLAlertView

Unless you are already using FlourishUI (which was partially inspired by SCLAlertView), you should check out this nice drop in for doing custom alerts. This library serves as a great replacement to UIAlertView and UIAlertController in iOS apps.

We welcomed Andy Bennett to our Slack community this week, and upon meeting him learned of a great iOS developer opportunity at his company firefly. London or UK South Coast developers are preferred and the salary range is GBP £20,000 — 50,000. Email [email protected] to apply!


Flourish Part 3: Saving data with CloudKit

Cesar has just published the written tutorial to the three part series of Flourish - making a journal application for iOS. In this part of the series, you will learn how to push and pull data to iCloud using CloudKit.

Animation Design Tips

Design is always relevant whether you are a code monkey or creative. This article gives you some introductory tips to consider when designing animations such as software, free resources, online converters, and so on.