China, Apple Watch Ideas, and Enums

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China is Thinking Mobile First

With iPhone finally penetrating China’s market and Apple’s rapid growth in building stores, it will become increasingly important to think about building mobile apps that are localized and useful to users there. China has been mobile-centric in a massive way for quite some time and is even beginning to switch to a mobile-only market.

5 Ideas for the Apple Watch

The discussions around the apple watch are very divided. It reminds me of the launch of the first ipad, of which I was actually a bit more of a naysayer on. This time around, I am 100% on board with the wearables trend, and think that the apple watch will radically alter and mature the market. I love the ideas presented in this article, making the case for the watch!

Raw {Not} Representable Enum

This great post by Marcin Krzyzanowski explores the limits of the Enums and the RawRepresentable protocol. It covers:

  • Why enums are great
  • How to easily manipulate the RawValue using the RawRepresentable protocol
  • Using a RawValue of a custom type
  • The quirks and limits of the compiler as it stands with respect to enums

Check out the latest version of Learning Swift: Building an iOS application which has been updated to the latest stable versions of Xcode and Swift.


Create a Calendar in iOS with Auto Layout

Learn how to build a calendar completely with auto-layout. In this first of a multipart tutorial, you will learn how to make constraints and visually build the entire UI for the calendar in Storyboard. The next version will show you how to connect your UI to a controller to support changing months and animating visual components on the calendar.

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