List of Swift Cheat Sheets

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Swift is still a young language, and we expect there to be many updates and changes to this list over time, but for now we wanted to put together a list of cheat sheets that cover many fundamental aspects of the Swift Programming Language.

Swift Language Basics

Swift Language Basics (PDF) | Swift Quick Reference

These cheat sheets shows you a bit of everything: types, classes, and functions each with code samples. We’ve also saved a PDF copy in case the websites are ever removed (updated Aug 22, 2014).

Function Syntax (PDF)

Functions in Swift have a lot of flexibility: named or unnamed parameters, multiple return values (tuples) and more. This cheat sheet will help you understand the various ways you can declare and use functions, and we’ve saved a copy in case the site is ever taken down (updated Aug 22, 2014).

Design Patterns (ZIP)

The design patterns originally defined by the “Gang of Four” are a great way to really see the flexibility, power and syntax of a language. This github repo outlines some of the most commonly used of these patterns and seems to be updated frequently, so it will hopefully see completion soon.