5 Reasons Why YOU should test your Swift Project with Quick

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import Quick
import Nimble

class ShouldYouTestWithQuick: QuickSpec {

  override func spec() {
    describe("the ultimate question") {
      it("validates that you should test with Quick") {
        let answer = ShouldYouTestWithQuick.answer

Testing is important, very important. Whenever you happen to make a change you can verify that the change does not break the code base, break another piece of functionality or worse…. work and you do not know why. Unfortunately the entry level to testing is quite high and testing in itself is an acquired skill that you learn from practice and perfection.

There are a few libraries available to test your Swift projects, but I prefer Quick and here are 5 reasons as to why…

5 Reasons why you should use Quick

1. Coming from a Ruby/Rails background, it reminds me of RSpec. Actually it’s based on RSpec, Spectra, and Ginkgo.

2. It allows you to write clean tests.

3. It gives you structure to your tests.

4. Tests become human readable. This is very important when working with shareholders.

5. It promotes BDD or Behavior-Driven Development. BDD is the “why” behind the code.

In our next article about Quick we will look at some actual code and see how Quick actually improves our development workflow and testing.